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Differences Between Air Jet & Water Jet Bathtubs

Differences Between Air Jet & Water Jet Bathtubs

Issue Time:2015-10-19
     Today's bathtubs do a lot more than just get you clean. You can enjoy a bubble bath in many different ways, and a whirlpool tub is the ultimate in bathing enjoyment. Nowadays, even the jet tubs give you a choice, since you can buy an air jet or a water jet bathtub. There are several differences between these two types of jet tubs, but whichever one you decide on, taking a bath with the jets going is a relaxing and exhilarating experience.

Additions to the Tub Water

    Water jets are sensitive. Because the bathwater is recycled through the jets, any addition in the bathwater, like bubble bath or therapeutic herbs, can clog and even damage the jets. Hair and other small objects also enter the jets, and you will have to clean them regularly. With air jets, there are no such problems, since the jets blow out air, and nothing can enter them. Also, no water residue collects in the pipes behind the jets. You can add whatever you like to the bathwater and enjoy the experience without worry.
    In an air jet tub, you can add things like flower petals to the water with no worries.    

Type of Water Action

    In a water jet tub, the stream of water coming from the jets is more focused on certain body parts. You might have a jet at your feet, one at your back and one targeting your neck. The water jets open and close to manipulate the water pressure, and the overall effect is a steady massaging motion of the water. In an air jet bathtub, air bubbles are blown into the water and the water does not move as strongly as it does in a water jet tub. However, the air bubbles tickle and burst against your body, giving you a more generalized sensation, like the gently tickling touch of feathers.

Number of Jets

    A tub equipped with water jets will have from four to 10 large jets that recycle the water. An air jet tub has many more jets, from a few dozen up to more than 100. These jets are smaller than the water jets and are distributed more evenly.

Other Differences

    A water jet tub has a pump for the water, and the more jets it has, the larger the motor has to be. These pumps and the motor can be noisy. An air jet tub has an air compressor, which is less complicated, and its motor runs quieter. If a water jet tub isn't used very often, the water left behind in the jet pipes can grow mold, fungi and bacteria, and will have to be cleaned out periodically. This can't happen in an air jet tub, since no water is used in the pipes.

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